J.K. Leonard

I have a cursive capital K on my necklace. And I always get the same look from people when they see it…confusion. “Why are you wearing a K? I thought your name was Janelle.” Yes, that is my name…

Depending on my mood, here are a few of the answers you might hear:

1. It was the only letter they had left.

2. It was on sale!

3. My hubby forgot my name started with a J.

4. It’s my middle initial (which it is, but that’s not why I wear it.)

5. My conversation starter. (it has in fact become this…)

6. My pen name!

**In truth: I wear this cursive K necklace, because it looks like a JK put together–it’s how I sign my initials, putting them together, without a space, in one big cursive K. I’m thinking one day I will use this JK for my pen name. JK Leonard. How does that sound? Like an author? 🙂

And just think, when people do a google search for J.K Rowling, I will be above her alphabetically!


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