I Hate Blogging

I must admit that I hate blogging. Then “why do you have a blog?” Yeah, I wonder the same thing. But as a writer, I know I need to get myself out there, open doors, do things that I don’t normally do…boldly go where Janelle Leonard hasn’t gone before!

Here’s a few reasons why I would rather be doing something else (like laundry or potty training my toddler):

1. Blogging makes me feel like I’m back in school, back to being forced. I did love school. Loved learning, loved reading and writing…But in school, I was forced to write, forced to think up something clever, forced to write that 10 page paper on a topic that I really didn’t care about… Blogging makes me feel like that, forced. I get ready to post, and I lose all thoughts on what to write. My love of talking about writing takes a coffee break. No creative thoughts. No idea what will help me “pass” this test.

2. I like building personal relationships. I love talking to others about writing, but I feel that on a blog, I’m just another typer. I’d rather do all this sharing face-to-face. The computer screen keeps getting in the way.

3. Not Another blog!! I have a hard time reading blogs. I’d rather sink my teeth into novels. I make a point to read my friends blogs, but other than that, I don’t go in search of blogs if I can help it.ย 

4. Who wants to read my rants? *Cue pity-party music. I struggle with putting all this thought into writing a short nothing and knowing no one’s gonna read it anyway… (If you are reading this, thanks!) ๐Ÿ™‚ Randomness seems to be a gift of mine, but does anyone else get my randomness? Does anyone really care?

But, in light of all these reasons (excuses, stalling), I will press on. Writers write. This is good for me. Good for me to stretch myself, and learn how to write when forced.

… And maybe, just maybe, at the end, I might actually enjoy blogging!

What are your thoughts on blogging? ย 



13 thoughts on “I Hate Blogging

  1. Well, I care! And this so opposite my last blog post. I LOVE blogging. I tell myself I don’t write to be read. But there’s this part of me that’s screaming to be read. My blog is the place where I get noticed. And I like it more than I should.

  2. Hi Janelle, I like you rants and your randomness. I understand your frustration with blogging. We writers have other stuff we’d rather be working so blogging does feel like a force of writing nature. It took me awhile to find my niche. Now that I’ve found it and have a few readers, it feels more like a ministry. And I do enjoy sharing with others what God has given me.

  3. I love blogging now. What really got me to like it was doing different features and stealing ideas from other people’s blog. My problem now, is I can’t keep up, lol.

    • Yeah…keeping up with it is another problem. I’m trying to make it a part of my weekly writing schedule. Practice makes permanent after all…

  4. Blogging…I actually like to blog, but feel pointless if no one reads what I blog (except my husband and mother!). I need to get going on today’s blog for my nursing blog – Woeful Wednesday: “My child has a fever, now what?” – at least I have a title. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Don’t you love my icon, goal tonight is to get a picture up)

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