Writing Kisses

Trying to write the perfect kiss can be fun, yet frustrating. I mean, how do you WRITE the perfect kiss? How do you make your reader feel like they are experiencing it right along with your hero/heroine? How do you get all the emotions into words? What elements, actions, are essential to write down, which aren’t? How do you write it so it’s tight, flows, and doesn’t go on for a WHOLE chapter?

Weeding through a list of questions like those and then answering them is what makes writing so much fun. Finding the perfect words to make a sigh-worthy kiss pop off the pages. The touches, the looks, the words, the effect it has on the characters, how they react, what they say just before, what they say right after . . . LOVE creating!

My method of research includes: Youtubeing kiss scenes from my favorite movies (And of course, practicing with my amazing Hubby.). While I watch, I write down every detail, from how they stand, hand position, lip angle, breathing . . .  

Although I have many favorite movie kisses, I’d have to say my absolute favorite kiss scene is between Christina Ricci and James McAvoy in PENELOPE. There’s just something so sweet, tender, about it . . . Definitely sigh-worthy!



So, if you were writing–or reading–the perfect kiss, what elements would you add? What’s essential to you? 



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