Wednesday @ WC

It’s Wednesday…the halfway point…getting tired… I’m learning so much, but my brain is on OVERLOAD. I’m getting to the point where I’m ready to go home and WRITE. It’s funny how I can’t wait all year to get to WC so I can have time to write. But when I get here, I spend most of my time networking (building relationships with other writers and agents, editors, comedians), that I never actually get any writing done. But you know what, it’s okay. I’m filling myself back up, readying myself, getting fired-up so when I get back to the “real world” I can start writing, and writing strong–having learned new things that help me hone my craft.

Today was a networking kind of day. And who better to learn networking “secrets” from king than TORRY MARTIN. Torry is an amazing teacher with a humility not usually seen in someone who’s attained his level of fame. He is HILARIOUS, and someone I’m so blessed to call friend.


Here’s me drinking coffee with Torry. Great times of laughter and learning here at WC!


    -Writing is HARD. It’s supposed to be. If it wasn’t, then everyone would do it.

    -Writing: It’s only worth it is you’re in love with your subject and your audience.

    -The only reason you haven’t hit it “big” yet, is because you’re not ready yet.

    -Networking: Nobody is a nobody. Everyone is a somebody somewhere. 

    -The publishing world is tough. It’s great to have allies! 

Tuesday @ WC

Day 2. Today has been a day of laughter and coffee. I find myself saying the randomest things when I get around other writers–well, more random than usual. Conversations get started, and randomness just pours out of my mouth. Apparently I said something VERY smart before my first cup of coffee today–and I was quoted from the stage! I love the freedom of speech, and the freedom from/lack of the “you’re CRAZY” looks that WC’s provide. Thanks everyone for letting me take off my mask and be real!

My quote of the day: “Writers don’t let writers write alone! (or without coffee!)

Today was also a day of heavy encouragement to PERSEVERE! You have to keep running, keep writing, keep editing, keep learning, keep networking–and everything along the journey is adding to your “toolbox” for the future. Who knows where you’ll eventually end up? What an exciting journey!


     -Anything you set yourself to do, you can do. Anything you choose to do, you can do! 

     -Get back to the basics of writing at least once every month. Read a book on writing–do writing exercises–build up that joy and love that you had as a new writer–don’t let your writing grow “cold.”

     -Guys don’t know color names . . . (took a class on how to write male POV… 🙂 ) 

     -Got to hear TORRY MARTIN share his story tonight. He is such an inspiration to PERSEVERE!

Monday @ WC

So, here I am again at writers conference. Home again. Among my own people. The excitement the first day (and truthfully all week) is always refreshing, giving me a much needed revival of my love for writing.

My favorite part of WC is meeting new people. It’s so easy to strike up conversations here. At WC, you can walk up to someone and say “so, what do you write?” and an instant conversation/friendship starts. I love listening as much as sharing. When people are passionate about something, it’s so easy to stand/sit and listen for hours!


           -Fear clouds our judgement

           -Fear keeps us from seeing what’s right in front of us

          -Most fears have no basis or substance

          -The more important the choices = the higher the goal = the more interesting the character becomes

And Finally the Sun has Dawned over the Horizon (otherwise known as the official release of my novel)

So proud of my writing bud, Olivia Stocum

Olivia Stocum Romance Fiction

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00024]I’ve never liked beating my own drum, but as writers we have no choice. So I will make my own drum roll here as I announce that Dawning (which many of you have heard SOOOOOO much about that you’re either waiting in eager anticipation, or you’re ready to smack me up-side the head) has now gone live.

Scotland, 1599 . . .  He abandoned her. She had failed to be enough for him. The empty space he left behind hollowed out her heart, and she wondered what to do with the rest of her life.

When Ronan leaves the clan to seek his fortune, Triona MacAlastair fears she will never see him again. Four years later, a threat against her life forces her to depend on a mysterious, cloaked rogue known as Blackhawk.

She knows he is capable of protecting her, but what is he hiding? Why does he…

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Countdown to WC


Four days to go! SUPER-DUPER EXCITED!

And no, I’m not talking about this WC:


Not the German WC (water closet), although I’d LOVE to go back there someday.

No, my WC stands for WRITERS CONFERENCE. As in:


My home away from home. That wonderful place where authors, agents, editors, and comedians converge to be among their own kind. It’s a place where people actually get me, and don’t tell me I’m just wasting time, sitting in front of my computer ALL DAY–not accomplishing anything, not supporting my family, not going anywhere, should just give up… WC is a place of encouragement, advice, eating, and social-networking with people just like me! (Although, some are a bit crazier than I am…yes, it’s possible.)

When I meet aspiring writers and they ask me “How do I get started?”, the first thing I tell them to do is to find a WC near them. Preferably one that caters to their genre/and or beliefs–if you write children’s books, don’t go to an adult vampire murder mystery WC… unless you really want to, but I don’t think that’ll further your children’s book career…

WC’s are a great place to start the journey of “serious” writing. So many of your questions will be answered, and the best part: you’re in a place FILLED with people JUST LIKE YOU! A place where you can sit down next to someone and not talk for a whole hour, and they won’t ask you if you’re mad at them. A place where you can be lost in your own world, and they think it’s COOL! A place where they cheer you on for sitting in front of your computer for long periods of time. A place where you can say random things like “How do you think I should kill him?” “Dagger or sword?” “Should my castle be stone or wood?” They’ll actually reply, and they won’t give you the “crazy” look…because we’re all CRAZY there! 🙂

My first WC had me scared silly. I felt like a fraud because I hadn’t published ANYTHING yet. I just loved to write, and I knew that I’d go crazy if I didn’t pursue my passion. Everyone was so nice, but they kept asking me “so, what do you write?” To which I replied “Whatever I want.” Being at the WC helped me find my focus and my genre (my love for teenagers led me toward YA!). And today if you ask me that question I’ll say “YA urban fantasy–that’s quirky and witty.”

I still remember that first conference. A wonderful woman took me aside and said, “You’ll probably be crying by the end of the week. There’s so much to process and it can be overwhelming. But it’s okay. We’ve all been there, done that, we understand.” She was so right. Although, truthfully, I was crying after day one. But knowing that it was understandable, and even smiled upon to cry, helped me through that first WC. Some pretty amazing people let me cry on their shoulders, encouraged me to press on, and have offered me friendships that I didn’t know existed. Having people that GET ME has blessed my life in so many ways. It’s help me improve and hone my craft, and has given me an even bigger passion for the written word.

I’m about to attend my sixth WC, and I can’t imagine not going. It is my rejuvenation–a FULL week that gets me through the year–reminding me that I’m not alone. That what I feel is normal. Let me tell you, it’s such a great feeling to be understood and not considered crazy.

So, if you have never been to a WC, it’s the BEST place to get connected and to get a foot into the writing world.

**I plan on posting every day from WC–a quick tidbit that I’ve learned, a valuable life lesson, or maybe just what I ate (NOM NOM)… stay tuned, and come along for the WC ride!