Name Confusion

Just My Thoughts . . .

Recently, I picked up a book, started reading and had to stop. Why? Well, I kept getting confused. The hero’s name was Clare, and the heroine was always addressed by “Bannon”. (Both the characters’ last names.) I found it frustrating because I could never remember which was the guy and which was the girl. Clare to me is a girl’s name…

Stacy, Dillon/Dylann, Noah, Taylor (Lautner, Swift…), Bailey, Andy/Andie, Aubrey, Charlie (LOVE THIS FOR A GIRL!), Dakota, Jesse/Jessi . . .

I know that names are interchangeable, but in writing/reading I find it hard to read a name when I’ve known a girl with that name, or vice versa.

Other names that trip me up…when the hero’s name is Will. “I will use the name Will a lot when I write wills.” Yep…trips me up

One more example: When a name is used as a name and also in the setting. Like when a girls name is Heather…and then the next sentence the author talks about “running through the heather.”

*What are some names that trip you up?


Day #24 Corny jokes 

*What did the Farmer say when he lost his tractor?
-“Where’s my tractor?”

*What did the fireman name his children?
-Hose A and Hose B

*What do a grape and a chicken have in common?
-They’re both purple except for the chicken.

*Why did the three little pigs leave home?
-Because their father was a boar

*A police man pulls over a guy:
Policeman: “Your eyes are red have you been drinking?”
Man: “Your eyes are glazed, have you been eating doughnuts?”


**What corny jokes do you have?

Just Write!

“Take out another notebook, pick up another pen, and just write, just write, just write. In the middle of the world, make one positive step. In the center of chaos, make one definitive act. Just write. Say yes, stay alive, be awake. Just write. Just write. Just write.” –Natalie Goldberg

I’m preaching to myself: JUST WRITE!!!

Today has “writing day” written  all over it. It’s Saturday. It’s raining. I’ve had coffee. My belly is full. My family is occupied. I’ve taken my nap. I just made more coffee.

But, today finds me just staring at my computer screen….

It’s so easy for me to talk about writing because I am passionate about it. But when it comes to being passionate about writing, you can’t just talk or set the stage, you actually need to sit down and write.

So, get out a piece of paper, open your laptop and JUST WRITE!


Day #13: Photo Booths

*This is the newest rage at weddings. They are so much fun–very goofy! 

Day #14: A good cup of coffee & a REALLY good book

Day #15: Sunday Naps

Day #16: Smart Cars 

*I first saw these in Germany. They bring back all the fun memories of my week spent there…and they’re just so cute!

Day #17: Movie Classics: Musicals & Black and White Movies

*Here are a few of my fav’s: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Singing in the Rain, Clamity Jane, My Fair Lady, White Christmas, Sound of music

Black and white: Pride and Prejudice, Holiday Inn

Day #18: Swivel chairs at restaurants

*Yes, I still swivel like I’m five…and LOVE every second of it!

Day #19: Libraries

Day #20: Blowing Bubbles (both soap and gum)

How to Support an Author’s New Book: 11 Ideas For You

Thoughts to keep in mind for when my book comes out… Until then, help support those wonderful authors around you!

Writers In The Storm Blog

By Chuck Sambuchino

large_5595133805My Writer’s Digest coworker, Brian A. Klems, recently geared up for the release of his first book — a humorous guide for fathers called OH BOY, YOU’RE HAVING A GIRL: A DAD’S SURVIVAL GUIDE TO RAISING DAUGHTERS (Adams Media). On top of that, my coworker Robert Brewer (editor of Writer’s Market) recently got a publishing deal for a book of his poetry.

So I find myself as a cheerleader for my writing buddies — trying to do what I can to help as their 2013 release dates approach. I help in two ways: 1) I use my own experience of writing & publishing books to share advice on what they can expect and plan for; and 2) I simply do whatever little things I can that help in any way.

This last part brings up an important point: Anyone can support an author’s…

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HAPPY Day 10 & 11 & 12

Day #10: Tuesday’s

Around here, Tuesday morning is garbage pick up day. That means there are lots of goodies just waiting at the curb for me to look through! It’s like a treasure hunt every Tuesday morning. I’ve found so many great things on garbage pick up day. Some of them are a little beat up, but hey, they’re free!  (There was one time though, that I found a neat wooden medicine cabinet with a mirror, sitting near the curb. I put it in my trunk and a lady came running out. “That’s not FREE! It was left over from my yardsale!” She wanted $5 for it…I passed…)

*a garden gate trellis *Little Tykes slide and playhouse *2 wooden (fat-bottom) rocking chairs *flower pots *a huge wooden barrel *wooden crates *3 metal, outdoor candle holders *Tonka trucks *plastic trucks of all kinds *a locker chest *dresser drawers (that I painted and used to hold shoes) *a child-sized bike with training wheels *big wheels *a wrought-iron and wooden bench *an old wood planer

How about you? Find anything good? 😉

Day #11: Music & Singing (especially silly songs with my kiddos)

Music has always been a HUGE part of my life. I love music. I love singing, and occasionally, I play piano (helps when I just need to relax). Even rarer, I write music and lyrics–and then preform it . . .

One of my favorite things to do with my kiddos, is sing. We sing all kinds of silly songs (Veggie Tales being high on that list). And we usually end up pulling wooden spoons out to use as microphones!

When I write, I have to have music playing. I get a little carried away making custom playlists for my WIP’s . . . but it does help me get into the mood and set the tone that I need to be in to work on each of my varied projects.

Day #12: Rubber Ducks

I didn’t pay much attention to rubber ducks until I was inDUCKted into the society of ODD Ducks. It’s so nice to know that my “crazy writer brain” isn’t the only one in this world. There are so many wonderful ODD Ducks just like me! QUACK!

Now, I collect rubber ducks (and the special memories that goes with each duck). There are so many neat outfits that they put on rubber ducks. So far I have a ninja duck, a brown reindeer duck, a prep school girl duck, and a camouflage-wearing duck. I also have a ducky jar, rubber duck earrings, soap, and a lufa with a rubber duck on it. I even made my own T-shirt that says: “I’m an ODD Duck just QUACK with it!”

What is the best/coolest rubber ducky product you have ever seen?