HAPPY Day 4 & 5

Day #4: New Notebooks and Pens (& Highlighters)

It’s school time! And that means all the stores are FILLED with essential writing supplies. My boys’ school supplies EVERYTHING, so I don’t have to buy them school supplies. But I feel a left out, so I buy them anyway. Notebooks, pens, highlighters . . . oh my!

Oh, the thrill of holding, opening, and smelling new notebooks. The possibilities are endless as to what will get written in them. And new pens & highlighters . . . Gel pens are my friends, the way they glide over an empty page, filling it up, producing something on nothing . . .

Anyone else experience these feelings? Or is it just me?

Day #5: Diner Coffee

I’ve never had a bad cup of diner coffee. I’ve gotten cups from other places (chain stores), and it’s the bottom of the pot–has that weird almost burnt taste. BLAAGH. But diner coffee . . . not sure what it is. Maybe I don’t want to know. It could be that the coffee pot/machine is so old and seasoned, that the coating comes off in the brewing. . . The coffee is probably a cheap brand, but oh how good.

Not only do I love diner coffee, I love the diner themselves. Diner’s are great.  The atmosphere is friendly, and the waitresses have become friends. And, it’s where most of my writing gets done. So thank you diner’s for making coffee that fuels my writing! You are greatly appreciated!


One thought on “HAPPY Day 4 & 5

  1. New notebooks are the best! I have to restrain myself every time I go into a store, otherwise our house would be overrun. Coffee, nope. A nice cuppa tea for me!

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