Name Confusion

Just My Thoughts . . .

Recently, I picked up a book, started reading and had to stop. Why? Well, I kept getting confused. The hero’s name was Clare, and the heroine was always addressed by “Bannon”. (Both the characters’ last names.) I found it frustrating because I could never remember which was the guy and which was the girl. Clare to me is a girl’s name…

Stacy, Dillon/Dylann, Noah, Taylor (Lautner, Swift…), Bailey, Andy/Andie, Aubrey, Charlie (LOVE THIS FOR A GIRL!), Dakota, Jesse/Jessi . . .

I know that names are interchangeable, but in writing/reading I find it hard to read a name when I’ve known a girl with that name, or vice versa.

Other names that trip me up…when the hero’s name is Will. “I will use the name Will a lot when I write wills.” Yep…trips me up

One more example: When a name is used as a name and also in the setting. Like when a girls name is Heather…and then the next sentence the author talks about “running through the heather.”

*What are some names that trip you up?


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