Grimm’s VS. Disney’s

I’m doing a bit of research for the story I’ll be working on for NaNoWrite (writing 50,000 words in the month of November!). The idea for this story has been stewing a long time. I’m finally going to release it. This will be one of the first times I haven’t totally plotted out the whole story. I don’t know the ending. I don’t know what my characters look like. I don’t know how their character arc will turn out . . . Basically, I’ve got an idea, the opening paragraph, names, and the genre (YA Steampunk!). This will be a new experience for me, but I’m REALLY looking forward to it. JUST WRITE! (and NO editing!!)

All that to say, I picked up Grimm’s Fairy Tales. My NaNo WIP involves Cinderella. Disclaimer: This is not a remake of Cinderella… Not gonna say any more, but Cinderella is involved. I picked up Grimm’s version hoping that, by reading the original Cinderella, it would spark something, give me some nugget that I can use . . . and it sure did.

Grimm’s version of Cinderella is . . . well, grim.

Grimm’s Version

1. Cinderella’s mother dies, but not her father–and he is alive through the entire story. (Which is only 8 pages in my Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales book.) It really bugged me that he was alive. He saw how his daughter was being treated, but chose to ignore it. MEANIE!

2. Step sisters are BEAUTIFUL…but ugly at heart.

3. Cinderella plants a hazel twig, and it grows into a tree. This is where the magic birds live.

4. Ball announced . . . In Disney, Cinderella had to clean and re-clean (mean cat) the house before she could go to the ball. In Grimm, she had to pick peas and lentils out of the ashes…The magic birds did it for her, but still, kinda an odd chore… Neither version, even after her tasks were all done, was she allowed to go to the ball.

5. There was no fairy godmother…the magic birds gave Cinderella her dresses and shoes. (Noticed that Cinderella cried A LOT in this version. Her tears grew the tree and gave her whatever she wanted…)

6. Shoes were made of silk and silver, the last pair was gold. (no glass involved, which seems safer and more logical to me…)

7. There were 3 balls . . .and Cinderella ran away from ALL of them because she didn’t want the prince to see where she lived.

Ball #1: She runs away and hides in a pigeon-house.

      Ball #2: She runs away and climbs up a pear tree to hide.

      Ball #3: She runs, but the prince lays a trap! Pour pitch over the stairs so she can’t run away! But CInderella still runs away…Leaving a shoe behind…

8. Each time Cinderella runs away, her father is called for. Each time he says, “It surely cannot be Cinderella.” And then he proceeds to use axes and hatchets to cut down the pigeon-house and the pear tree . . . The third time, the prince just tells him that his wife MUST be the girl who’s foot fits in the shoe. (Why Cinderella’s father was always called for, and why the prince didn’t know where she already lived . . . hmmm….whatever Grimm)

9. Shoe fitting ending:

Ugly Stepsister #1: Cuts off her toes so that her foot will fit in the shoe.

Ugly Stepsister #2: Cuts off her heel so that her foot will fit in the shoe.

(There is a lot of blood seepage involved…and then Cinderella has to try it on…GROSS!! But of course it fits, and OOOH, she has the matching gold shoe in her pocket!)

10. Unlike Disney, there are consequences for the step sisters…They get their eyes pecked out by the magic birds…

**Just so you know: I LOVE the movie version of Cinderella, Ever After. The writers were far closer to Grimm than Disney ever was.


Oh, The Places I Write: #3


Out of all the places I write, the diner has to be my favorite! I have a booth with comfy, cushioned bench seats. I have to step up to get to my booth–elevated above all the other tables and booths! It’s tucked up and away from the rest of the diner, hiding me, and letting me escape to my own world. When my writing time is up, I have to remind myself where I am. I get lost in the wonderfulness . . . 

Pros: unlimited COFFEE . . . no internet to distract me . . . great music–just loud enough that I can listen if I want, but can ignore it when I’m on a writing-roll . . . great waitress (that know me & have my coffee on my table before I even get set up…and they don’t have to ask if I want a refill, they just keep it filled!) . . . the customers–people that give me fodder whether they meant to or not! . . . I’m hidden, and can be in my own little world . . . BACON . . . 


Cons: _____________________

*Can’t think of any . . . well, other than the fact that I have to drive 10 minutes to get there. But what is that when there are like 500 pros?? 🙂

Oh, The Places I Write: #2

ImageOh, the places I write . . .

In the summer, or if it’s warm enough to sit outside and not freeze, I LOVE to sit out on my front porch and write. Something about the natural outdoor noises is so calming. I live on a dead end road, so there isn’t a nonstop flow of traffic. We do have wild life (deer, cats, dogs, goats, chickens, and the occasional bear), and lots of children running around with sticks and/or hatchets . . . but all that is instant fodder. I have a comfy, big-bottom rocking chair–found it in the garbage. My hubby fixed it up, and I painted it–a TV tray for my laptop to sit on, and a small table that I use as a foot rest. It’s the perfect set up for relaxing and writing. 

Front Porch Pros: creative juices flow freely with fresh air . . . peaceful . . . comfortable position . . . fodder happening around me

Front Porch Cons: Distractions from the beauty . . . tend to stare off at the trees or the clouds passing over head . . . distractions from neighbors walking by–people to chat with . . . there isn’t an outlet on the porch, so I have to open a window and take the cord through it . . .



Oh, The Places I Write: #1

Oh, the places I write . . .

I don’t really have an office–well, I do, but it’s currently being used by my oldest son…and is in the midst of an intense cleaning, AKA, I can’t get to the desk because there is a barricade of boxes . . . So, I must write where ever I can.

My favorite place to write is at my kitchen table. 



Pros of Kitchen Table: Close to the coffee pot, laptop on table in proper position–my lap doesn’t burn up from said laptop resting on them), It’s at the center of daily life (so I can keep an eye on things if inspiration or editing occurs during daylight hours), there is good overhead lighting, it’s close to an outlet, table is big enough to hold numerous notebooks, notes, binders, and writing utensils.

Cons of Kitchen Table: In the kitchen with food . . . Hard kitchen chairs–legs go numb from dangling . . . Hubbub of daily life (distractions!)


*stay tuned for more “Oh, the places I write!”…where the writing magic really happens! 



Inspiration and Motivation

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” -Jack London

What inspires you? What motivates you to write? What gets your creative juices flowing?

Lately, I’ve been having trouble finding motivation to write. My WIP is all plotted out, and I know where it’s supposed to go (which will more than likely change along the way, but at least it’s plotted). I just can’t get off the couch and away from the books I’m reading long enough to write. This time of year always creeps up on me. I get lost in my coffee cup, a warm blanket, and a good book or chick flick. There are so many distractions. . . And I’m discovering that I don’t actually like to write, I love to HAVE WRITTEN. I love the editing process. The blank page of a new WIP is scary. (Hmm…Maybe I should be a blank page for Halloween…potential…)

So, what to do . . . what to do . . . 

Here are just a few things that I do to wake up my molasses motivation:

Tip #1: Have a notebook and pen within reach. Some days I just don’t have the energy to open my laptop and wait for it to load so I can write down a sudden thought or plot twist… And by the time my laptop is in prime condition, the idea has flown the coop, never to be thought of again… 

Tip #2: Set up “Required writing” time. Set up a time every day that you force yourself to write. Even if it ends up in the burn barrel on fire, at least you are training yourself to write. It doesn’t have to be good–take that pressure off and just have fun. Write a parody, or a diary entry for the main character of your WIP. Just get writing!

Tip #3: Go out in public. Go listen to people. Being by yourself inside can suck the motivation out of you. It only takes a spark, a line, an action to get the juices flowing. Although, be warned, you may get ten new ideas for stories . . . 

Tip #4: Have coffee, go to a diner or a bookstore with a friend and tell them about your WIP. I love to spend time with people and drink coffee (food is good too). I find that when I start talking about my WIP to someone else, I get excited again and want to write. 


**So, what do you do to get your motivation up and running?


Day #25 BACON

That picture is worth a thousand days of HAPPY!

Day #26 Coupons

Buy one get one free coffee would have to be my favorite…And also discovering that my favorite, already low-priced diner, has coupons…SCORE!

Day #27 Dancing!

I may not be able to run far, but I can Hip Hop Abs and Zumba it all day! (and pretty soon I’ll be able to belly dance it all day–taking lessons!)

Day #28 Meeting new people & hanging out with friends

Day #29 Sweatshirts…cozy lounge wear

Day #30 Sunshine on the changing leaves