Oh, The Places I Write: #1

Oh, the places I write . . .

I don’t really have an office–well, I do, but it’s currently being used by my oldest son…and is in the midst of an intense cleaning, AKA, I can’t get to the desk because there is a barricade of boxes . . . So, I must write where ever I can.

My favorite place to write is at my kitchen table. 



Pros of Kitchen Table: Close to the coffee pot, laptop on table in proper position–my lap doesn’t burn up from said laptop resting on them), It’s at the center of daily life (so I can keep an eye on things if inspiration or editing occurs during daylight hours), there is good overhead lighting, it’s close to an outlet, table is big enough to hold numerous notebooks, notes, binders, and writing utensils.

Cons of Kitchen Table: In the kitchen with food . . . Hard kitchen chairs–legs go numb from dangling . . . Hubbub of daily life (distractions!)


*stay tuned for more “Oh, the places I write!”…where the writing magic really happens! 




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