Oh, The Places I Write: #2

ImageOh, the places I write . . .

In the summer, or if it’s warm enough to sit outside and not freeze, I LOVE to sit out on my front porch and write. Something about the natural outdoor noises is so calming. I live on a dead end road, so there isn’t a nonstop flow of traffic. We do have wild life (deer, cats, dogs, goats, chickens, and the occasional bear), and lots of children running around with sticks and/or hatchets . . . but all that is instant fodder. I have a comfy, big-bottom rocking chair–found it in the garbage. My hubby fixed it up, and I painted it–a TV tray for my laptop to sit on, and a small table that I use as a foot rest. It’s the perfect set up for relaxing and writing. 

Front Porch Pros: creative juices flow freely with fresh air . . . peaceful . . . comfortable position . . . fodder happening around me

Front Porch Cons: Distractions from the beauty . . . tend to stare off at the trees or the clouds passing over head . . . distractions from neighbors walking by–people to chat with . . . there isn’t an outlet on the porch, so I have to open a window and take the cord through it . . .




2 thoughts on “Oh, The Places I Write: #2

  1. I laughed when I read the part about being distracted by nature and staring off into the blue yonder! hahahaha I totally understand. I sometimes do that while driving and just in time realize I need to pay attention! I will have to bring my munchkins up to join in the hatchet-carrying!

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