Writing word of the day = AGAIN!
I have to edit this chapter, AGAIN.
I have to reformat page numbers, AGAIN.
I have to rewrite this chapter, AGAIN.
And all you want to do is get to the FUN part!

This clip of Diego De La Vega teaching/training Alejandro Murrieta (The Mask of Zorro), is a pretty good/accurate portrayal of the writer’s life. As an eager “beginner” in the serious writing world, you see it as easy. “The pointy end goes in the other guy!” You know how to spell. You can write complete sentences. You have great characters with the perfect names. You’re ready. You’ll be published in no time. Publishing houses would have to be completely insane not to publish your book!
But then you learn there are “rings.” There are “levels” that you have to pass through before you can get to the center and finally get your novel published. Honing your craft isn’t an easy task. It’s aggravating, slow (extreme patience builder!), and makes gambler/horse racing look like a stable career choice. (At least it’s faster!)
The process is taking FOREVER, but you love it and wouldn’t give it up. (You tried to give it up, but you’re family was ready to check you in to the loony bin–safer for everyone if you just write!)
So you do. You finish your tenth draft. You’ve edited and re-edited. There’s nothing more you can add to it, nothing that’s wrong with it. Your characters will be like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett–remembered and loved 200 years later! And then you submit it to an agent. You get a nice note that says: “I like it, but it’s just not ready yet.” So you hire an editor. You rework some things and resubmit to another agent. And that agent says: “Do it AGAIN!”
The cycle continues. Submit = write it AGAIN!
And then when you finally reach the point where you have an agent and a contract with a publishing house, what word do you think you’ll hear? Yep. AGAIN! And you’ll probably hear it a dozen (or a million) more times until your book is on the shelf at the bookstore . . .
With excitement you’ll read through it again, and behold, you wish you still had an again as an option!

So, here’s to an AGAIN day! In the AGAIN’s is the story really written. So enjoy it, AGAIN!


6 thoughts on “AGAIN!

    • You have license to say that without me banging my head against the table…So blessed to have you for my editor!

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