Work-Writing Journal

Work-Writing Journal

My writing bestie featured me on her blog today (Random Writing Rants!). Check it out!

What are your thoughts on keeping a writing journal? What would you add to the list of things to keep in it?


2 thoughts on “Work-Writing Journal

  1. When I was at the Florida Writer’s Conference a speaker taught, WRITING YOUR LIFE, and she showed us a journal she kept every night with the highlights of her day. It was a five-year one that she could read back on (easily) all the years prior and reminisce what was happening in her life. Each page contained the previous years. I loved that idea. I’ll have to find her name and the FIVE YEAR journal she sells. It was really cool. So often we forget where our lives were the year before. It’s a great way to see the progress in our careers too.

    Love this whole idea, Janelle! Thanks for being my guest at RANDOM today.

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