This post is about brain-tweaking. Don’t worry, it’s NOTHING like twerking…PROMISE! Brain-tweaking involves, for me, having a conversation with myself that changes my perspective/way of thinking. (usually in a little, insignificant-to-the-world way). 

I’ve been querying like a crazy writer. And with great (amounts) querying comes rejections.

Last month, in my “distracted-from-writing” time, I made a spreadsheet so I could keep track of which agent/agency I’ve sent to. Of course, there had to be a column for the response. Originally I had in the column a lot of NO’s. But that word is so final…and kinda depressing in regards to querying. So, this is where the brain-tweaking comes in! Instead of typing NO each time, I now write PASS. Image

This changed my perspective, giving me a happier outlook with each “rejection”. When an agent passes, I have to remember that it’s not about me, or my novel, it’s just that BOUND (my witty, YA, urban fantasy) is not right for that particular agent at that particular time. By passing, the agent is actually granting me a kindness, saying “I’m not right for this.” This keeps me open for someone better that will be perfect for me and my writing. EXCITEMENT! 

So . . . besides querying, I’ve been playing a lot of card games. And in games, if you don’t have a card or you don’t have a good enough hand to bid, you say “pass.” This doesn’t mean that you’re a loser, or that you can’t play the game. It just means that this round you don’t have a card or hand to win big. But as you keep playing, keep improving at the game, eventually you will have a card to play, or a hand that will win the jackpot. And hopefully, if you play your cards right, the score will be higher than it would have been if you had bid or played that random card when you shouldn’t have. 


As much as I hate getting rejections, these PASSES are just weeding out the “cards/hands” that won’t win big for me. So, I’m going to keep playing, and some day (prayerfully soon) I will get a hand that gets me an agent and then a publishing contract! 


*What brain-tweaking things have you done? 





2 thoughts on “Brain-Tweaking

  1. Perspective changes attitude. Nice way to make rejections feel differently. There are so many negative things in the world that it pays to find ways to scew it to a positive. Lately the weather has been awful and can get me down but instead of wallowing in pity I try to find the positive. At least it’s not snowing right now. Warm weather will come and thankfully, in the meantime, I have a warm coat and a heated house. Ha.

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