This has been in the I-REALLY-want-to-do-this phase for awhile. So, without thinking or talking about it anymore, I’m just gonna start it. Introducing the newest feature on my blog: 



YA = Young Adult

A = Adult


Chat = Interviews–a behind-the-scenes tour–with other writers.

I’m super excited about hosting (from time to time) other writers, whether just published, mega-published, or on-their-way-to-publication.

So, STAY TUNED! The first guest to appear on YAA! Chat is busily filling out the “100 random questions” questionnaire! (LOL…Just kidding…not that many, but I can safely promise that half of them WILL BE random.) 




I’m thinking of changing my name to Wai-Ting. Or at least making a T-shirt with WAITING printed on it. Then I can just point to it. WAITING is pretty much the answer to every question at this stage of my life:

What have I been up to lately? WAITING.

Do you know what’s going to happen next in your WIP? WAITING for a good dream/inspiration.

Have you heard anything about your book? Not yet, WAITING.

Have you heard from that agent yet? Still WAITING.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that people are interested in the happenings of my writing career. But it’s grating on me, having to answer every inquiry about my writing life with “I’m still WAITING.” Seriously, the writing life makes professional waiters out of all of us! I understand that this is a long process, and that I will get published all in good time. I just wish I could convey the long process to others so that the looks of “you do nothing”  and “You soooo need to get a job/life” would go away…

And yes, I do believe that waiting is an action word. (As I’ve said before.) There is so much that I am doing while I wait: actual writing, plotting, outlining, working on proposals for my other WIP’s, networking (meeting AMAZING authors everyday! Thank you Facebook!), making boards on Pinterest, reading YA’s–checking out what’s HOT on the market, watching YA movies, watching Sherlock & Star Trek, playing in the dirt, hanging out with my boys… All this work-in-the-waiting is just not seen by many of my question-asking friends and family…Which is probably a good thing, seeing as I drink a lot of coffee and stare at my computer an awful lot.

OK, the WAI-TING vent is over…now back to my coffee and waiting… 😉

Here’s hoping to being able to change my name to WOOT!


**Hmmm….if I do change my name to Wai-Ting, I think I’ll go buy a Chinese silk robe. At least I’ll look great lounging around waiting… What do you think? One like this, or a different color?