The Waiting


Yeah….it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. Sorry, if you’ve been waiting…but you can join my club. 😉

The rest of the 5K editing involves lots of encouragement, pain, and joy. But, persistence finishes the race and the editing. I’m so close to crossing my 5K editing line, at least on this project. It’s been a long but inspiring ride! Thanks for tagging along.

AUTHOR UPDATE: I’m still in the waiting phase, but I’ve been very ACTIVELY waiting. Edits are flying in from my editor, and ideas on how to make my novel even better, are abounding. The waiting can be an exciting time when I stay busy. 🙂 And….good news, I’m now waiting to hear from 2 agents that have shown interest!! So, in honor of this waiting, here’s a song that I’ve been singing. Thank you Jamie Grace for putting words to my situation.