Welcome Fall


What have I been up to…

Well, it’s been a while since I checked in, sorry about that. Not too much to report, although I have been busy. My kids are all back to school, I’ve been working odd jobs (babysitting, housecleaning, helping behind the scenes at photoshoots) here and there, and editing/writing like crazy!

Icemetery2 spent most of the summer working on an adult paranormal horror novel RESTORATION—an adaptation for my co-conspirator, Laurel. I’m ecstatic to say that the first draft is COMPLETE! Now for the super fun part: EDITING! I love the editing process. Taking something that’s good, polishing, and re-polishing until it’s GREAT! Laurel and I are talking about self-publishing–we created an AWESOME publishing house name…stay tuned! We just hired an editor, and when she is done, we’ll be putting together a Beta Reader list. If you are interested, comment below and we’ll chat! 🙂

Along with wcemetery1riting the paranormal horror, I’ve been wandering around cemeteries with Laurel (she owns her own cemetery restoration business). I got to participate in my first headstone cleaning/Restoration! So much fun! The main character of RESTORATION owns his own Restoration business—having hands on experience was priceless for the writing process!


In other news, I’m still sending out queries for my YA urban fantasy. This week I was introduced to a new publishing house…praying I have some GREAT news to share soon!!! We shall see, but I know that if this doesn’t pan out, there is something better in store… Professional Waiting… 🙂

Hope your October if beautiful! I’ll try to check in again soon!