Clean Off Desk Day

So, apparently yesterday (January 11th) was national CLEAN OFF YOUR DESK DAY. I’m a day behind, but my desk is now clean. YEAH! Not sure it’ll make it all day, seeing as I’m writing/editing…but, for picture sake, it’s CLEANED OFF!

What essentials do you have to have on your desk, besides your laptop/computer?

Tools of the trade: Pens, Pencils, Highlights, Sticky Notes, Paperclips, Folders, Notebooks

Nourishment: Water bottle, COFFEE, snacks (healthy of course…Veggie Chips count, right?)

Decorations: Candles, Motivational Signs/Quotes, Pictures, Books, Stress Ball…

I heard somewhere that the smell of coffee gets the creative juices flowing. Well, I got a coffee-scented candle for Christmas–so bring on the creativity!

*Disclaimer: might make you mad, throw things, cry…I keep smelling coffee thinking that there’s a fresh pot of the brown elixir-of-life…and when I check, it’s usually empty….WAHHHH….

My office is in my kitchen at the moment. But someday I hope to have an office to call my own PERSONAL,”NO BOYS ALLOWED” sanctuary. One that doesn’t smell like food being cooked, garbage (the can is right by my desk…), and that doesn’t have a minefield of LEGOS for me to impale my feet on.

But until then, I do love my small space. And my desk chair is super comfy!

How about you? What would you include in your DREAM OFFICE? Pictures welcome!




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