The Surrendered Review & A Giveaway!

Yesterday, I introduced you to CASE MAYNARD. Today, I have the privilege of introducing you to her debut novel for Blaze Publishing: THE SURRENDERED.




After a financial collapse devastates the United States, the new government imposes a tax on the nation’s most valuable resource―the children.

Surrendered at age ten―after her parents could no longer afford her exorbitant fees―Vee Delancourt has spent six hard years at the Mills, alongside her twin, Oliver. With just a year to freedom, they do what they can to stay off the Master’s radar. But when Vee discovers unspeakable things happening to the younger girls in service, she has no choice but to take a stand―a decision that lands her on the run and outside the fence for the first time since the System robbed her of her liberty.

Vee knows the Master will stop at nothing to prove he holds ultimate authority over the Surrendered. But when he makes a threat that goes beyond what even she considers possible, she accepts the aid of an unlikely group of allies. Problem is, with opposing factions gunning for the one thing that might save them all, Vee must find a way to turn oppression and desperation into hope and determination―or risk failing all the children and the brother she left behind.


FIRST THOUGHTS: I was blown away by this novel, hooked from the very first sentence/scene until the end. Case took all my favorite elements of story and put them together. Strong, but flawed characters, intense plotline, great dialogue and action, touches of romance, the ability to make me forget the world around me, and a BOOK COMA because of the ending—seriously, it took me days to recover!

PLOT: The plot was well-developed and kept me on my toes. The backdrop was familiar–America in the future after a financial collapse–but the ideas and execution of the story were fresh. They hit a little close to home . . .

CHARACTERS: Strong, relatable characters with flaws. Case did a great job of blurring that line between the good guys and bad. She gave me characters to love, hate, and relate too. Vee was definitely someone to root for and also at times, made me cringe from her thoughts, actions, and dialogue. No one was as they seemed. When a new character came on the scene, I doubted them, even if I was HOPING they would show up in the story again. I got so into the characters lives and struggles, that when something happened to them it affected me deeply. Case wasn’t afraid of making her bad guys evil and actually allowing them to do bad things, not just talk about how evil they were gonna be. She also wasn’t afraid to kill off characters, but there was always a PURPOSE when she did.

“I want to live too, you idiot! But life without freedom is no life at all. And a life where friends choose their life over yours is one I want no part of.”

My whole life I’ve had to fight for myself. I’ve fought hunger and hatred and terror and despair. I’ve fought for any freedoms I could get and for any joy I could garner. I’ve fought for my own sanity. But most of all, I’ve fought to hold onto hope. Because somewhere deep inside me I know that without hope, there is nothing. -Vee’s words and thoughts from page 197.

MOOD: Suspenseful, darker, times of playfulness. Case didn’t shy away from some tough topics. The characters went through a lot. And, I loved that their past/problems didn’t just magically disappear when they were “free.” They had baggage and still had to deal with it and the consequences of their actions–nothing was packed neatly into a box, there were a lot of messy situations that forced the characters to be who they needed to be. Case did a marvelous job!

PACE: I was hooked from the first scene and couldn’t stop reading! (I even missed making dinner for my family because I COULDN’T STOP!!) It was a fast-paced read, although, I did have to take a break near the end to recover…oh, the feels!

WRITING: Flawless, tight writing. Great dialogue and action sequences . . . and romance *SIGH* (Vee and Cason are a couple that I totally ship!)


“I like to read too.” His gaze roams my face, as though he’s amazed we share this similarity. “The greatest thing about being introduced to new worlds in books is that you can revisit them as often as you like.”

I agree wholeheartedly. “I read those books multiple times before the Regulators discovered them during a bunk toss. The books were taken from me, but they couldn’t get the new places Id experiences. They couldn’t take the new friends I’d met . . . friends that had lives so different from the one I was living behind the fence.” I draw a deep breath. “I got twenty lashes for those books, but the joy I gained was worth every one of them.”  (page 97)

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK: Oh, YES! This was hands-down the best dystopian novel I’ve read in a long time! Any fan of the dystopian will love this book. Especially fans of the Divergent Series, Maze Runner, and fans of Marie Lu. It will leave you craving the next book!


Up for grabs: $5 AMAZON gift card

There are several ways to get your name in the drawing.

1. Leave a comment on yesterday’s blog post CASE MAYNARD: THE INTERVIEW, telling us your favorite joke (Case couldn’t think of any and admitting she’s bad at telling jokes, so let’s help her!)

2. Buy THE SURRENDERED, either paperback or e-book and comment on this post when you have.

3. Leave a review! (1 entry for every place you leave a review: Goodreads, Amazon, your blog, Facebook . . .)

**I will draw the winner September 30th**

Thanks for hanging out with us! Hope you all have a wonderful week! READ ON!


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