HAPPY Day 1 & 2

Day #1: Flip-Flops

Below is an excerpt from my middle grade novel: Flip-Flop Kimmi in Tap Shoes. Her thoughts are mine!

Top 10 Reasons Why I Wear Flip-Flops

By: Kimmi Joy Harper

  1. My feet are claustrophobic. They enjoy breathing.
  2. They’re easy to put on, no tying involved.
  3. It’s my personal style, my fashion statement.
  4. People notice me, especially in the winter, and think about me every time they see flip-flops in a store.
  5. Flip-flops cut down on stinky feet problems because my feet are always open to the air.
  6. I like the sound they make. Flip. Flop.
  7. I can show off my painted toenails better.
  8.  Flip-flops are easy conversation starters.
  9. I don’t have to go to five thousand stores looking for a special pair of shoes that fit. I know flip-flops fit and they’re in almost every store.
  10.  Flip-flops are wonderful because they high-five your feet all day long!

Day #2: Glow-in-the-dark Clothing

Whether it be socks, T-shirts, pajama pants, underwear . . . Any time you can be your own flashlight . . . SCORE!


30 Days of Happy

This time of year is always a little rough for me, emotion-wise. I really don’t understand. Fall is my absolute favorite season. The cooler weather is perfect for coffee drinking. The stores are filled with school supplies (love buying notebooks and pens!). My kids are back to school, which gives me extra time to write, read, and/or nap. My friends’ kids are back to school as well which allows me adult hang out time (stay-at-home-writer-moms unite!) . . .


So why am I not dancing around doing Fiddler on the Roof reenactments 24/7??


I’ve been learning a lot about happiness. It boils down to: Happiness is a choice. It’s something we can control. We can either lash out and be annoyed at things, or try and find the humor in those same situations. Life is too short to spend your days grumpy and angry or having pity-parties—which I’m a little too good at this time of year. There’s so much out there that is silly and laugh-worthy. (*not condoning laughing in a mean way at another person, or their problems.)


I’m determined to make this year different. I’m going to run over the blues with my army truck and choose HAPPY! I’m going to post something every day during the month of September that makes me randomly happy. (Example: I actually have a friend named September!) My hubby, my kiddos, my extended family, and friends are at the top of my HAPPY list for sure. But for this exercise, I’m just going to post the little things—probably unobserved by “normal” people—that brighten my day with HAPPY.


So…Who’s with me?


Here’s to 30 days of HAPPY! May it continue for the rest of the year!