Oh, The Places I Write: #3


Out of all the places I write, the diner has to be my favorite! I have a booth with comfy, cushioned bench seats. I have to step up to get to my booth–elevated above all the other tables and booths! It’s tucked up and away from the rest of the diner, hiding me, and letting me escape to my own world. When my writing time is up, I have to remind myself where I am. I get lost in the wonderfulness . . . 

Pros: unlimited COFFEE . . . no internet to distract me . . . great music–just loud enough that I can listen if I want, but can ignore it when I’m on a writing-roll . . . great waitress (that know me & have my coffee on my table before I even get set up…and they don’t have to ask if I want a refill, they just keep it filled!) . . . the customers–people that give me fodder whether they meant to or not! . . . I’m hidden, and can be in my own little world . . . BACON . . . 


Cons: _____________________

*Can’t think of any . . . well, other than the fact that I have to drive 10 minutes to get there. But what is that when there are like 500 pros?? 🙂



Day #25 BACON

That picture is worth a thousand days of HAPPY!

Day #26 Coupons

Buy one get one free coffee would have to be my favorite…And also discovering that my favorite, already low-priced diner, has coupons…SCORE!

Day #27 Dancing!

I may not be able to run far, but I can Hip Hop Abs and Zumba it all day! (and pretty soon I’ll be able to belly dance it all day–taking lessons!)

Day #28 Meeting new people & hanging out with friends

Day #29 Sweatshirts…cozy lounge wear

Day #30 Sunshine on the changing leaves