Oh, The Places I Write: #3


Out of all the places I write, the diner has to be my favorite! I have a booth with comfy, cushioned bench seats. I have to step up to get to my booth–elevated above all the other tables and booths! It’s tucked up and away from the rest of the diner, hiding me, and letting me escape to my own world. When my writing time is up, I have to remind myself where I am. I get lost in the wonderfulness . . . 

Pros: unlimited COFFEE . . . no internet to distract me . . . great music–just loud enough that I can listen if I want, but can ignore it when I’m on a writing-roll . . . great waitress (that know me & have my coffee on my table before I even get set up…and they don’t have to ask if I want a refill, they just keep it filled!) . . . the customers–people that give me fodder whether they meant to or not! . . . I’m hidden, and can be in my own little world . . . BACON . . . 


Cons: _____________________

*Can’t think of any . . . well, other than the fact that I have to drive 10 minutes to get there. But what is that when there are like 500 pros?? 🙂


HAPPY Day 4 & 5

Day #4: New Notebooks and Pens (& Highlighters)

It’s school time! And that means all the stores are FILLED with essential writing supplies. My boys’ school supplies EVERYTHING, so I don’t have to buy them school supplies. But I feel a left out, so I buy them anyway. Notebooks, pens, highlighters . . . oh my!

Oh, the thrill of holding, opening, and smelling new notebooks. The possibilities are endless as to what will get written in them. And new pens & highlighters . . . Gel pens are my friends, the way they glide over an empty page, filling it up, producing something on nothing . . .

Anyone else experience these feelings? Or is it just me?

Day #5: Diner Coffee

I’ve never had a bad cup of diner coffee. I’ve gotten cups from other places (chain stores), and it’s the bottom of the pot–has that weird almost burnt taste. BLAAGH. But diner coffee . . . not sure what it is. Maybe I don’t want to know. It could be that the coffee pot/machine is so old and seasoned, that the coating comes off in the brewing. . . The coffee is probably a cheap brand, but oh how good.

Not only do I love diner coffee, I love the diner themselves. Diner’s are great.  The atmosphere is friendly, and the waitresses have become friends. And, it’s where most of my writing gets done. So thank you diner’s for making coffee that fuels my writing! You are greatly appreciated!

My Sponsor

I just wanted to take a minute (I could go on for days…) out of my writing day to say a HUGE thank you to my unofficial sponsor.


It’s my drug/drink of choice…every writer has something that gets them motivated to put pen to page, or fingers to keys…

I’d especially like to thank DINER COFFEE. My novels are powered by coffee, and I’ve found that diner coffee fuels my writing the most. There’s nothing like walking into a diner and having the waitress hand me a cup of coffee. I go sit in my corner booth. Open my laptop. Sip my coffee…and magically my cup is NEVER empty! (Thank you to all the wonderful waitresses who plug in my coffee IV).

So, again, thank you COFFEE for powering my novels!