5K Novel: Mile Two

Mile Two…Or as I like to call it “The Pity-Party Mile.”

Lungs are heated. Breathing is more of a gasping. Legs are shaking, but your goal was to run until the halfway marker. You’re almost there. You’re almost done! At least that’s what the boys, ringing cowbells, told you. “You’re almost done!” they yell as they run by in the opposite direction, not a drip of sweat on their faces.


You haven’t reached the halfway point yet! How can you be almost done with the 5K?

Someone calls your name. It’s your running partner. Your heart gives a twitch. She’s headed the other way, already having made it to the halfway point. She’s happily on her way to the mile 2 marker.

“Yeah you!” she calls as she passes.

You force a smile, thankful that you didn’t just give in and walk. “I haven’t stopped running yet!”

Your perseverance pays off. You can see the halfway point. And look, lovely ladies holding out glasses of ice cold water. Okay, you deserve to walk for a bit. You walk as you drink, but as soon as the water is gone, you start running again. You’ve been revived!

As you round the next bend, a hill appears. (And a guy on a bicycle tells you you’re doing great—and you seriously want to push him over, steal his bike…). Your lower back hurts at the thought of running up hill, but you can’t stop now. You’ve been “training” for this. Your course at home took you up lots of hills. You resist the urge to walk, I mean, the downhill is coming up! You conquer the hill, and fly down the other side, gaining another burst of energy.

Wait? What is that? YUM! Coffee! Chicken! And look, vendors selling sparkly and fluffy things…

You stop running. Thoughts hit you. You feel like crying. You feel so alone. You feel angry that you were talked into this . . .

“I hate running!”

“Why did I agree to do this?”

“I can’t do this! This is way too hard.”

“No one would blame me if I stopped running, curled into a ball, took a nap…”

Then a smiling woman catches your eye. “You’re doing amazing! The two mile marker is less than a minute away. Don’t give up! You got this!”

As tears build, you start running again. You feel like you’re hardly moving, but you press on… You smile when the Mile 2 marker appears. Nothing has ever looked better. You feel victorious. You resisted temptation. You didn’t give up.


The ideas are slowing. Your “bouncer” is on vacation or working on her novel. Some non-writer friends are on their way to lunch and to Wal-Mart. Their lives seem so easy compared to yours. They don’t know how you suffer. What’s it like to be “normal?”

You see that halfway point, and a fresh wave of ideas hits you.

But then…What’s that? Coffee! Nap time! Pinterest—you just HAVE to find a picture of your character. SHERLOCK!!

Roadblocks appear. And then the pity-party commences. No one would blame you if you gave up. It’d be easier than beating your head against your desk. You’ve been neglecting housework and family to write. Guilt . . .

“Why did I ever want to be a writer?”

“This is too hard!”

“No one cares.”

“I can’t write!”

Just when you’re about to throw your computer out a window, you get a note from someone you’ve never met. They tell you that you have a way with words. And that they love your writing. That they are on the edge of their seat and can’t wait to read more! Then another friend sends you an email DEMANDING you send them more of your WIP (work in progress)—they’re about to die and can’t think of ANYTHING ELSE but what happens next!

Your mentor sends you a reminder:

You wipe your eyes, turn on your computer, and type. Turning that pity-party into a thankful fest.

It hits you as you type: Your novel is more than halfway done! You ran over all those roadblocks with your army truck. You resisted curling up with all those distractions. You closed the door on the pity-party.

You resisted! You’re victorious! You got this!

**The last mile is fast approaching, and then the finish line…stay tuned!

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