5K Novel: Mile One

This running thing is so easy. You got this! Your legs are flying. There’s no pain, no effort, you’re just running along. This is fun. You’ll be done in no time. Your running partner is by your side. You’re keeping pace. You’re able to talk, laugh even. You pass a group of other runners. Elated, you press on.

People stand on either side of the course, watching you run by, cheering you on. You smile. You’re encouraged to have so many fans there to yell your name. Even those who don’t know your name, are giving you a thumbs-up, clapping as you run by.

You round a bend, looping back over the starting line. Your running partner, in the bottled confusion of a whole group trying to run around a corner at the same time, ends up in front of you. You wave her on when she looks back to find you. “Go ahead! Run like the wind!” You’re not worried that she’s ahead of you. You’ll catch up to her. You could run for hours! You got this!

Breathing is getting a little harder.

The mile marker has to be close.

Um…a guy wearing one of those neon crossing guard vests just said you have about a half mile to go before the mile marker. WHAT? A mile was never this long before. What’s happening?

But then…THERE IT IS! You smile, put on a little speed, and fly by the sign.

You’ve conquered the first mile. Only two more to go! You got this!



The ideas are flowing, almost faster than you can write them down. You have tons of “OOOHH” and “This will work!” and “What a GREAT line!” moments. At this rate, you’ll have your 80,000 publishable words written in no time.

You call in your friends—designated “BOUNCERS”—and throw ideas and “what if’s?” around. There’s lots of laughter and coffee involved, and writing of course. Anything is possible at this point. There are no stupid ideas.

Oh, the excitement of putting together pieces of the novel puzzle!

Writer and non-writer friends alike are excited for you. They applaud you, cheering you on. They listen to your ideas, and then tell you to go find a nice quiet diner and WRITE! You got this!

As the days go by, the ideas slow a little. But you’re still excited about your bestseller idea. But then, your writing partner gets an idea of her own. She takes off. You applaud her because it’s fun to be excited and write together! You’ll both finish in no time! You got this!

You stay up late, you get up early. You write.

And then . . . THERE IT IS! 27,000 words are done! You turn off the computer, or set down the pen. You’ve made it to your first goal!

Writing is so much fun!

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And stay tuned for MILE 2!