Research, Gotta Love It

Have you ever dressed up? Gone somewhere you normally wouldn’t? Talked with an accent? Bought something just to see what someone would say–how they’d react? Made a fool of yourself in the name of research?

I haven’t done anything drastic while researching BOUND. (Although, hanging out with loads of teenagers and being goofy might make someone’s list). I was going to buy a pair of Jimmy Choos to walk around in, get in my characters shoes, but the price tag made my eyes roll…And, I sprained my ankle while wearing flip-flops, so . . . 

I did try to get my boys involved in my BOUND research. “Hey, can I throw you into a tree and see how your face bruises?” Yeah, they turned me down…

But, someday soon I’ll have to get my crazy on. My main girl in my WIP, LINES CROSSED (tentative title), makes a randomly-crazy list. I’m planning on experiencing the list along with her so that my writing, (feelings, thoughts, actions) is authentic. Will be interesting… Some of the items on her list: dyeing hair pink, getting a tattoo, going out dancing, kissing a stranger….

RESEARCH, gotta love it!

On a breath-taking research note, another of my WIP’s (IRISH DETOUR), my heroine and her BFF travel to Ireland. I like to write about exotic locations because, of course, I’ll have to go there for research. Hmm…I think I’m going to work on one where my character goes to Greece….

So, what are you prepared to do in the name of research?

Anyone have any crazy researching stories? 🙂