Dear Soon To Be Published Author

Dear Soon To Be Published Author

Great thoughts! Needed to read this encouragement today!


Wednesday @ WC

It’s Wednesday…the halfway point…getting tired… I’m learning so much, but my brain is on OVERLOAD. I’m getting to the point where I’m ready to go home and WRITE. It’s funny how I can’t wait all year to get to WC so I can have time to write. But when I get here, I spend most of my time networking (building relationships with other writers and agents, editors, comedians), that I never actually get any writing done. But you know what, it’s okay. I’m filling myself back up, readying myself, getting fired-up so when I get back to the “real world” I can start writing, and writing strong–having learned new things that help me hone my craft.

Today was a networking kind of day. And who better to learn networking “secrets” from king than TORRY MARTIN. Torry is an amazing teacher with a humility not usually seen in someone who’s attained his level of fame. He is HILARIOUS, and someone I’m so blessed to call friend.


Here’s me drinking coffee with Torry. Great times of laughter and learning here at WC!


    -Writing is HARD. It’s supposed to be. If it wasn’t, then everyone would do it.

    -Writing: It’s only worth it is you’re in love with your subject and your audience.

    -The only reason you haven’t hit it “big” yet, is because you’re not ready yet.

    -Networking: Nobody is a nobody. Everyone is a somebody somewhere. 

    -The publishing world is tough. It’s great to have allies!