A Querying We Go!

So…what have I been up to lately? Glad you asked. I’ve been querying!Starting with googling query letters that sold actual YA novels…and then sending my version out to agents! (Very sarcastic exclamation point there….Ugh.)


Yeah…no pressure at all!

It’s so hard to know what to add and what is considered TMI. (I tend to be the over-sharer. The one that thinks I’m hilarious, receiving countless “huh?” looks for my efforts.) I’ve rewritten my query letter so many times, I could probably put them all in a novel length book!

Here’s my latest BIO blurb:

I’m an eclectic book junkie—I’ll try any genre at least once—majoring in YA fantasy and Jane Austen. When not reading or writing, I spend every minute I can, immersed in teen culture. I work with a youth group, hanging out with, on average, thirty teenagers twice a week. This keeps me up to date on lingo, fads, dress/style, struggles, and the latest book/celebrity crush.

And if that doesn’t work, I’m seriously considering doing this:


Yep…maybe my poor drawing skills could get me an agent OR maybe my kids would draw something awesome for me!

At this point, I’d even settle for this:


Well, I’m off querying! I love saying that word…why can’t it be as fun to write it?

**Anybody have any AWESOME query writing tips you care to share?