Choosing Choos

I love to use Google Images to help me pick out outfits for my characters to wear–I like to have a picture to look at while I’m writing about a character: what they look like and what they’re wearing in a particular scene. It might not get in the novel totally, but I love to spend time on these little details…Distracting, yep! Fun, you bet!

LYDIA, my main gal in BOUND, is from the wealthiest family Bradford, NC (made up town so it won’t show up on Google). Lydia is very fashion-conscious (about herself and of everyone around her…she’s got a few things to learn about judging by appearance), and must look classy at all times, refusing to wear pants of any type. Her little fashion “statement” is that of always wearing a flower in her corkscrew curls–curls that would make Shirley Temple and Kerri Russell jealous! 🙂

I’ve posted 7 pairs of black Jimmy Choos (and one sparkly pair just ‘cuz). Help me decide which pair Lydia will wear in the last chapter of BOUND!

1.         2.

3.       4. 

5.         6. 


My “just ‘cuz” pair! So SPARKLY!

Post your votes below, and may the best CHOOS win!